Put That Thing Back Where It Came From | Coaster Set

Put That Thing Back Where It Came From | Coaster Set

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Our coasters are made by upcycling VHS covers and book pages that needed a new purpose in life. They're designed for you to enjoy your favorite beverages as you feel the nostalgia of your childhood!

+ Handmade and sealed with a water resistant coating
+ Features a cork backing for stability
+ Handle with care, wipe clean after each use

Please Note: Due to the nature of being handmade and using materials that have been previously owned, you may come across some loved/slightly imperfect areas when looking close at the coasters. It's also normal to see some texture and light brush strokes in the clear topcoat due to the sealing process. Make sure to check out the pictures to see the exact coasters you'll receive... all sales are final!

Coasters are water resistant, but to insure longevity, do not allow condensation to soak on the coasters for long periods of time. Make sure to wipe clean after each use.